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Greetings, all!

August marked the end of summer vacation for all, and it’s back to skewl too lurn. Alas, we had good times, didn’t we! Let us lament this wondrous, blazing-hot summer with some blazing hot art!

The last Rose of Summer by AzaryaS by :iconazaryas:
“This illustration really caught my eye.  The sadness, the loving gaze.  I can totally picture Summer Rose looking like this.  I think my favorite part are the eyes.”-anjyil

CM - Power and Purpose by redblacktac by :iconredblacktac:
“The art style is very original and I do like how the coloring was done. The characters look cool and the expressions are conveyed well. Good job!”-jayemel

Cinder Fall by ElizaSn00w by :iconelizasn00w:
“We all have defining characteristics. We’re never on time, we can’t drive without getting lost, we assing matlab graphing on the first week of homework. Things people never forget about you. Cinder has fire, and boy does Eliza do a great job at reminding us of that. So hot, Eliza!”-knives4cash

072117 by adrianecarday by :iconadrianecarday:
“The artist captured the surly nature of Qrow quite well.  I wonder who annoyed him this time...”-anjyil

i dont even know what to call this somebody please by JumpinJammies by :iconjumpinjammies:
“Jammies... Just, Jammies. Your humor is amazing. You've done it again. lol”-jayemel

bumblebee by Dreamingoff by :icondreamingoff:
“I applaud the anatomy AND setting! It’s a very summer-feeling piece, and bumblebee makes a great couple for such a setting. Your artstyle is very calming, and you do great lighting, Dreaming!”-knives4cash

Yang by ZombiChan by :iconzombichan:
“Adorable Yang in adorable Magical Girl style (or most shoujo romance XD)  I love Yang in this style!”-anjyil

Weiss Schnee - RWBY by HoPiuFameStudios by :iconhopiufamestudios:
“The background in this image is lovely. I could not have done better, myself. The snow and the trees look like a painting done on a canvas, and those branches on the right look almost real. This is a very pretty piece. ”-jayemel

Arryn Blake by Cadhla182 by :iconcadhla182:
“Dictated by Arryn Zech herself, Cad brought back the cute pajamas we never got to see again! Darn shame, ‘cause it’s a cute outfit for a cutting-edge edgelord. Great work, Cad!”-knives4cash

Renora by sarahlrn by :iconsarahlrn:
“Who didn't squeal with delight when the obvious Renora ship sailed?  This is a lovely picture of the two finally together!”-anjyil

Ruby Rose VS. The World by ari-6 by :iconari-6:
“I never would have thought about it without prompting, but Ruby would totally go on an epic Pilgrimage if given the opportunity. Instead of a band, she runs a band of hyper-lethal teenage girls! Fun stuff, Ari-6!”-knives4cash

And there we go, folks. The end of summer marks the return to school! And for those of us who already have jobs, at least the AC won’t be needed so badly now! We wish all of you good fortune and passing grades! Before you come back next month, here’s a special message for you!

A mini message by SaucyTango by :iconsaucytango:
Greetings, all!

Some may already know this, but there will be a solar eclipse crossing over America tomorrow, August 21st! If you have partial or total coverage, please make sure to follow these instructions.

Don't stare into it! You'll roast your eyeballs.

Don't stare into it with your sunglasses! You'll roast your eyeballs.


Don't wear NASA-approved solar eclipse glasses while staring through binoculars or telescopes. You'll burn through the glasses and roast your eyeballs.

Where can you get NASA-approved solar eclipse glasses?…

Please do not roast your eyeballs.

That would be a grim eclipse.
Greetings, all!

There were a lot of great submission this month, and you should peruse the gallery for yourself to see all of them; but, since we're all waiting to get back out into that blazing sun here's a highlight reel!

RWBY : Weiss Schnee Commission by yoyoleif-art by :iconyoyoleif-art:
"The part I love most is the contrasting warm light and cool shadows, as well as the beautiful form." -anjyil

Misfortune- QROW by Plaidpathy by :iconplaidpathy:
"This is one of best drawings of Qrow I've seen. It's very cool and resembles Qrow very much. There's a nice attention to the smaller details -- like Qrow's necklace and weapon. I also feel like the artist made good use of the space they had on their page.
" -jayemel

RWBY - Best Days Ever by moonshadow122 by :iconmoonshadow122:
"Yang gave us a gloomy story from her past, but I like to think that she also had really great days like these. This is a touching piece of art, moon!" -knives4cash

Yang Xiao Long Pin Up by Armen-Noir by :iconarmen-noir:
"Yang is so cool, and she looks soemwhat evil in this picture, too hehe.  I think this image captured Yang well, and I do love the pose!" -anjyil

Yang by Deathshot000 by :icondeathshot000:
"Excellent anatomy skills here. I also really like it when artists show Yang as being physically strong and impressive. This is really good and I admire the shading and outlining of the muscles and frame of Yang's figure. This is better than what even I can do. Awesome job! " -jayemel

Look, Ice Cream by WingsOnEarth by :iconwingsonearth:
"This artstyle works fantastically with Neo’s design. I like the soft coloring, gentle pose, and stiff pinkie. Fun stuff, wings!" -knives4cash

RWBY ROSE by Toonlancer by :icontoonlancer:
"This is a beautiful dynamic pose with lots of movement, especially in her cloak.  Beautiful night background." -anjyil

Blake by sige555 by :iconsige555:
"I like this piece because it is simple yet nicely made. It has cute little details and the art style is enjoyable to look at. I like the violet lighting on Blake's hair, skirt and boots -- it adds a small, unique touch to the image, and even Blake's expression kind of makes me want to smile. Good job!" -jayemel

AION RWBY part 00 by tennison-p by :icontennison-p:
"Tennison returns with a wonderful piece of landscape and romance! This is a beautiful piece of monochrome, and I applaud your imaginative crossover!" -knives4cash

Cinder Fall as Ishtar - RWBY and Fate GO crossover by BakaBakaBakaBAQUA by :iconbakabakabakabaqua:
"I think one thing that draws me to this is that I actually think Cinder would wear something like this---or would have, prior to the incident in V3." -anjyil

Ruby Rose by Monotsuki by :iconmonotsuki:
"There's a lot of stuff happening in this image, and it's all pretty cool! The petals and the cape and the hair and the skirt and the combat pose... It's all fantastically made and Ruby looks good here. There is a sense of motion in the picture and it is interesting to look at. Keep up the great work! " -jayemel

Ruby Rose by nitsuasensei by :iconnitsuasensei:
"Who’s cool? You’re cool! Haha, this is hilarious, and I’m so glad that I got to see Ruby strike this pose. Well done, sensei!" -knives4cash

And there we go, folks. Lots of great art came in this month, and we thank you all for participating/supporting the talented folks involved. We shall see you next month with more!
Update: You did it, folks! Your combined money-throwing talents helped make this happen!

As of the 24th of July, Jordan has raised 7,979 out of the requested 7,973 dollars!

Hey! You! Are you tired of eviscerating endless waves of Grimm, forever disrupting the fragile ecosystem? Do you still have that void in your heart from when your mom didn't show up to your birthing? Does that crippling student debt threaten to reveal just how fleeting your accomplishments will be?

If you answered, "Yes," or broke down in tears to any of these questions, then you might qualify for "Arbiter", the new game developed by RWBY: Grimm Eclipse's creator, Jordan Scott!…

"Arbiter is a single-player character action game about transformation. You play as a young boy and the newly appointed Arbiter, Ashe, who is responsible for defeating the demonic spirits that plague the world. This is a passion project I've been developing on my own for about five months now." -Jordan Scott

You can play the demo right now! Use a controller if you have one, but you can use the keyboard and mouse if you're part of the Master Race.

Demo download:

Jordan has already gathered 7,200 USD for this new project. He's asking for 7,708 USD. I don't know why he needs that specific number, but what I DO know is that he would make that goal if everyone in just this group donated ONE dollar.

So, if the Steam Summer Sale didn't dry your wallet out like beef jerky, maybe consider throwing a dollar Jordan's way. He can do a lot with it! He has until the 29th of July to meet his goal! Let's help him out!

And, if you ever come across RWBY-related projects like this that are going onto Kickstarter, do let us know! We want to promote it!

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