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The official RWBY Group Guide to Submissions and Rules!

First and foremost: Have fun! Enjoy the exotic and diverse art that the talented artists, writers, cosplayers, and 3D modelers have to offer! Engage with others and learn more about them and yourself! Monty's vision is a colorful and memorable one, so it's only fair that you have an experience of the same kind!

Feelings do not equate to facts, however. If you are offended by someone else’s art, that is (usually going to be) your burden to bear, not theirs or ours.

Section Outline:

A0)   The Rights of A Member
A1)   What we will deny: Concerning all art
A2)   What we will deny: Concerning original creations/characters
B)     What we will accept for all art
C)     Folders
D)     Contests and Promotions
E)     Administrator’s Privileges
F)     Unbecoming Conduct


A0)   The Rights of A Member:

The following is a google document that cannot be edited by anyone. Your rights as a member of this group are set in stone, and any future admin will have no choice but to adhere to these fundamental rights.…

These are rights, not privileges. They cannot be taken away or modified.


A1)   What We Will Deny: Concerning All art

-Any RWBY art that promotes homophobia, sexism, racism, etc. THEORETICAL EXCEPTIONS: Drawing Ruby in a Nazi uniform doesn’t NECESSARILY promote Nazism, but it will be investigated before being accepted or denied. It could very well be done to promote Nazism, but the artist might also have just been participating in a spooky contest for the spookiest of entries. Things have context, and we’ll consider it before promoting stuff.

-Stolen art. Thieves will be given 24 hours to remove all stolen art or provide proof that they are the rightful artist. Failure to provide proof will result in banishment, but should they decide to provide proof after banishment the ban will be lifted.

-WIPs of any images, stories, cosplay, weapons, etc. We want to promote your finished works.EXCEPTION: SUPERB QUALITY.

-Fetish art. There are plenty of other groups and subreddits out there that can attend to your personalized interests. We do not wish to be involved. EXCEPTION: SUPERB QUALITY.

-Poorly drawn/written art. This can pertain to the type of paper used, the quality of the picture used to capture and upload the drawing, etc. To summarize: Quality Control. It is a standard that has been set to benefit the group as a whole, not to hurt anyone’s feelings.

-Images created using bases, vectors, etc. EXCEPTION: The base provided by Monty Oum himself.

-Gifs from the show. EXCEPTION: Your own animations are accepted and welcomed!

-Memes, motivational posters, screenshots, etc. EXCEPTION: "Draw This Again" comparisons, screenshot redraws, etc. EXCEPTION: SUPERB QUALITY.

-Pics of RWBY merchandise. EXCEPTION: RWBY merch that YOU made and wish to sell. In this case, please remove any indication that the item is for sale and preferably let those viewing the piece know that it has been sold.

-Self-insertion fiction. EXCEPTION: SUPERB QUALITY.

-Movie script, "She does this, then that", skeletal drafts of fiction. We want to promote actual prose fiction. EXCEPTION: SUPERB QUALITY.


A2)   What We Will Deny: Concerning Original Creations/Characters

All entries from A1 apply, but we want to address the recurring issues that happen with the OC art we receive.

-Poorly drawn/written art. Quality Control.

-Silhouettes, emblems, symbols, weapons, etc. by themselves. EXCEPTION: If the OC accompanies the accessories then we will accept that as well as SUPERB QUALITY.

-Character profiles, biographies, backgrounds, etc, both drawn or written. EXCEPTION: If you attach the information dump to an image of your OC that passes visual inspection, then we will accept it.


B) What We will Accept for All Art

-Any and all RWBY art --drawn, modeled, and written-- that passes the Quality Control standard. Your creativity is the backbone of any fandom. Yes, there are a lot of stipulations written above; but after operating for over two years, this group has seen enough to understand that guidelines need to be set and enforced. As long as your art is RWBY related and not a five minute scribble, you should be fine!

-Sketches and lineart. However, only submit those if you don’t plan on completing the piece to a full-colored picture. This is to prevent the gallery from being cluttered. Try to submit your best quality work. We get a lot of pictures with bad lighting, so it’s best to find yourself a scanner. If your picture/scan is of low quality, we will not accept it.

-We accept Mature Art, but we ask that it is properly marked with a filter.

In rare instances, we make exceptions based on talent / SUPERB QUALITY.


C) Folders: Non-Admins may submit to the following folders:

Submission Folder (90% of deviations will go here)
RWBY Artists for Hire (Commission/Patreon advertisements from artists looking for work)
Romantic Pairings (Romantically involved, canon RWBY characters)
Canon Crossover (Canon RWBY characters romantically/platonically involved with other, non-RWBY canon Characters)
Canon Fanfiction (Prose fanfiction of canon RWBY characters)
OC Visual Art (Visual art of RWBY OCs)
OC Fanfiction (Fanfiction involving RWBY OCs)

-Featured: This is for official RWBY art and admin-picked art. That means work made by people on Team RWBY (ie: montyoum, hakuku, and einlee) as well hand-picked art from the galleries.

-Remembering Monty Oum: Art dedicated to our beloved Monty, the creator of this show which has brought you to this page. Be respectful and mindful of what you submit.

-Submission Folder: A temporary folder that most content will go into. The content, once there, will either be removed or redistributed to a more appropriate folder.

-Ruby: Any picture featuring Ruby Rose and ONLY her and her genderbend.

-Weiss: Any picture featuring Weiss Schnee and ONLY her and her genderbend.

-Blake: Any picture featuring Blake Belladonna and ONLY her and her genderbend.

-Yang: Any picture featuring Yang Xiao Long and ONLY her and her genderbend.

-RWBY Combinations: Any picture that depicts a combination of the members of Team RWBY.

-Team JNPR: Any picture that features the members of Team JNPR, as a group, pairs, or individuals.

-Other Canon Characters: Any character who is not in Team RWBY or Team JNPR. This includes professors, other teams, and villains.

-Romantic Pairings: Any romantic art involving canon characters.

-Non-romantic Groups: This folder is for when you have multiple characters belonging to any of the RWBY, JNPR, or Other Canon Characters folders in a group.

-Comics: All RWBY comics without any OCs. If there are elements of another fandom, the comic still goes here; however, if it features characters from another fandom please submit it to the Canon Crossover folder, thanks!

-Cosplay: All RWBY cosplay goes here, including cosplay weapons.

-Canon Crossovers: A comic or image with at least 1 canon character crossed with at least 1 RWBY character. There must be at least 33% RWBY in any crossover deviation.

-Villains: Only antagonistic canon characters. This includes Cinder, Roman, Emerald, Mercury, Adam, Junior, his club staff, and Salem as of Volume 3.

-Team STRQ: All members of STRQ.

-Team CFVY: All members of CFVY.

-Team SSSN: All members of SSSN.

-Volume 3 Teams: All members of the Volume 3 teams who fought in the Vytal Festival go here.

-Canon Fanfiction: Fiction of canon characters from RWBY or crossed with another series.

-Team CRDL: All members of everyone’s favorite team, CRDL, go here.

-Mature Art: Mark your submissions with a filter. Gore, nudity, and the like go here.

-Misc. and Other: Grimm, canon character accessories, and any random odds and ends.

-RWBY Artists for Hire: If you're an artist who wants to promote your work and ask for commissions/Patreon supporters, submit an advertisement to this folder. An example advertisement format can be found at the end of the folder.

-OC Visual art: Any visual representation of an Original Character for RWBY.

-OC fanfiction: Any fiction involving an Original Character for RWBY.


D) Contests and Promotions

Contests: Whenever we or Rooster Teeth hold a contest a new folder will be opened. Currently, all past contest submission reside in their respective CLOSED folder. It isn’t available for submission but is free for viewing.

Promotions: If you and your creative team are creating a show like RWBY or are making a series that was inspired by RWBY, this group will help to promote your project for free! However, you must have a somewhat finished product, not just concept art and tech demos. When we run an ad for your project, we want to have elements like the ones found in this:…


E) Administrator's Privileges

Admins will perform any and all of the following:

-Enforce all of the stipulations, even on their own art. It’s mandatory; it’s the job.

-Remove any art in a folder or move any art to a different folder if it violates at least one stipulation for the group or the specific folder it is in.

-Ban any member of the group if that member has been confirmed to be guilty in unbecoming conduct. [See part F]

-Remove all traces of a banned member, so long as they are confirmed guilty for unbecoming conduct.

If any of these actions are performed unjustly, the situation will be reviewed, and the admin may receive action as minor as a warning or as major as demotion.


F) Unbecoming Conduct

We want everyone to get along and -ultimately- act like adults and professionals. A member can and will be banned -unless pardoned by the boss- and have all of their submissions removed for any of the following:

-Refusing to remove stolen art.

-Threatening/harassing/coercing anyone in the group.

-Refusing to resolve any issue with us in an adult fashion. People get angry, yes. People swear their heads off, yes; however, we expect someone capable of using Deviantart to be capable of resolving whatever grievance they have with us in a professional manner. You, as a member of this group, will have rights to free speech to a limit. Once you've devolved into cussing your head off, you are subject to banning.
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Gohan6425 Featured By Owner Edited Dec 6, 2016
Ok I don't get this... My art was ok by you guys and then within hour it was removed? My work it though Photoshop Manipulation... There nothing on here that said I can't post Ruby Rose as an dress up as Yang... Which why I believe it was ok at 1st as it was in group for a whole hour then it got remove and got a "Please refrain from submitting modified screenshots or OC silhouettes to" by knives4cash which I don't even know what that means... As I newer to doing thing on deviantart I a YouTuber for the most part... So yeah I don't understand you remove it after it met the rule here and was ok at 1st... So someone though it was fine...
knives4cash Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016  Hobbyist
Human error. We have human admins, and we'll make mistakes now and then. Rules trump human error. 

Additionally, you just cleared up your own confusion. You manipulated your images through photoshop. You made three versions of the same Yang. 
Gohan6425 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016
Well yeah but I don't see why it get removed b/c it 3 different version of it??? What is wrong with that? It new art work at the end of the day... So I really get what you mean???
knives4cash Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016  Hobbyist
You need to make your own art. You can't just take someone else's art and photoshop it. Additionally, you're breaking yet another rule by using one version of Yang as a base for the other two like this stuff: Cairo (1) by manaishtar  Click on it, and see the dozens of images done off of the same base. 

It is not new art work. It is a modified screenshot. You're making modified screenshots. 

You need to make your own art. From the ground up. From scratch. Without anyone else's art as a foundation for your own. 
Gohan6425 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016
But it Photoshop Manipulation I don't the issue people used base all the time to Manipulation though Photoshop so I really don't see the issue here at all... But it your guys rules... But people the do the type thing all the time and it does go free used... Most people that have Photoshop do the type of things... But I respect your wishes...
knives4cash Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016  Hobbyist
Your art needs to start with a blank page. It has to be done from a blank piece of paper, or a new file. You cannot use anyone's art. You have to start with literally nothing on the paper. Nothing can be on the paper. You must start making art with nothing on the piece of paper that you are using to draw. 
Gohan6425 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016
Sorry I don't freehand draw only computer work is what I do...
knives4cash Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2016  Hobbyist…

Look at 0:02. The second second of the start of the video. Do you see how everything is white? That is because the artist has not yet drawn anything on their digital piece of paper. Then, they start to create their art from scratch. 
(1 Reply)
superdes513 Featured By Owner Edited Oct 21, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey there, I remember last time about my artwork was rejected. But even though I did my best to draw.
I have to apologize to you guys for my upset when I was reacted for the first time on this awesome group. I'm very very sorry :(
e31 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 27, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm posting my crossover series with RWBY and other characters. The enemy is the White Fang. I  really don't understand about the changes. I'm submitting my stories in the crossover folders. Please be considerate and study before you accept or reject. I understand the concept of Quality Standards in your group, however you have to send a message to the members first before you make an action. So, they will know what to do.

I'm sorry that I'm not used with the changes.
knives4cash Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2015  Hobbyist
Your fiction contains OCs. OCs go into the OC folder. 

That's not a new innovation; we've had it around for a long time now. It has been through human error that your fiction was allowed into the Canon Crossover folder. 
Vasynda Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2015   Digital Artist
Is there any specific way art needs to be contributed, like suggested, or is contributing it by the contribute button fine?
MoraSanders Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2015  Student General Artist
No, any way is fine! 
knives4cash Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2015  Hobbyist
You can submit it. Go to your deviation in question, scroll down until you find the add to a group button, and find ours. Then find the right folder for it! 
Vasynda Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2015   Digital Artist
Thanks for helping me solve this ordeal!
knives4cash Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2015  Hobbyist
It's what we're here for, haha! 
YakasushiX Featured By Owner May 24, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I do have one question. You said no base work, but what if the picture I made was made from a base that I also made? To me that at least sounds like I made tho whole thing instead of using someone else's base. Unless I'm misunderstanding the why to why you don't want base work. If I misunderstood then I'm so sorry.
Lightning-in-my-Hand Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
You guys are only catching on now? 

That's why :iconcanonrwby: group was created.
SAmaryllis Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Sounds great to me. <3
WarriorNun Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ok! :D
OUTMACED121 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm better off having 2 weapon folders: 1 for OC weapons, and the second for Weapons in RWBY
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