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Greetings, all!

It is time to begin the great, democratic process! We’ve had all sorts of entries from all sorts of people who took all sorts of interpretations on “Something is broken”. We laughed, we cried, we did stuff in between! What’s interesting about this contest is that some artists made multiple entries! So we’re going to adjust the voting a bit. It’s still the same point system: you vote for your top five favorites, with the first place vote getting five points, the second getting four, the third getting three, the fourth getting two, and the fifth getting one.

However, to not dilute voting, we’re going to have you vote for individual artists. You’ll still pick your preferred pieces, but we’ll count the votes as going towards the artist. The votes will represent a number and a letter. Each artist gets a number, and each of their entries gets a letter if they made more than one entry.

Here is an example vote:

“First: 401,499.5
Second: 2,3821i

The numbers will be tallied. If entries 9, 3, and 26 were to win a place then their letters would be tallied up, to see which entry was their top entry.

Okay, now that I’ve written a thesis on that, let us do what free people do in a free society and vote!

1. :iconmotherofdragons64: submitted A Broken Penny by MotherOfDragons64, and B Broken Together by MotherOfDragons64
2. :iconjasterinov: submitted A Sober by Jasterinov
3. :iconuchiky: submitted A RWBY - Pyrrha Nikos by Uchiky
4. :iconflamingarsonist: submitted A

Mature Content

Reunion by FlamingArsonist

5. :iconmechag11: submitted A Tragic Jaune (Something is Broken) by MechaG11
6. :iconnathanielrhodes: submitted A Broken penny by NathanielRhodes, B

Mature Content

Broken horror penny by NathanielRhodes
, C Small pain by NathanielRhodes, and D Broken minded Blake by NathanielRhodes
7. :iconhcheung: submitted A Hey sis'!! check this out by hcheung
8. :iconray-ken: submitted A Contest- Killing an Angel by Ray-Ken, and B Contest- The Remaining Shard by Ray-Ken
9. :iconsl-shadowleaguegamer: submitted A Neo: A Shattered Heart by SL-ShadowLeagueGamer, and B RWBY Still Broken by SL-ShadowLeagueGamer
10. :iconswissfonda: submitted A Rwby Contest - Broken Ruby by Swissfonda
11. :iconpeerlessgrimm: submitted A Arm wrestiling gone wrong (rwby) by Peerlessgrimm
12. :iconhimawar1: submitted A Something is Broken Contest by Himawar1
13. :iconslicedlemons: submitted A Let's Go! by SlicedLemons
14. :iconbertalina: submitted A Broken by bertalina
15. :icongeek96boolean10: submitted A RWBY - Disassembled by geek96boolean10, and B RWBY - Broken Cat by geek96boolean10,
16. :iconerinlaurant: submitted A The Eight of Sword by ErinLaurant
17. :iconwhimsicalponderer: submitted A Summer's End by whimsicalponderer
18. :iconmuchinaandcompany: submitted A Broken-RWBY Summer Contest Entry by MuchinaAndCompany
19. :iconth3-m4ster: submitted A Qrow - Broken by Th3-M4ster, and B Broken - A RWBY Tale
“Good to see you here on Patch again, Qrow.” A middle-aged Faunus bartender said to the Hunstman  sitting at one of the many empty stools at the bar.
Qrow Branwen, who had been busy losing his sobriety, lazily raised his head to look at the man speaking to him, squinting to help his eyes focus. “Sorry...who are you?”
The bearded  Faunus' thick eyebrows rose in surprise. “Zerrin. You've come to my bar many times.”
“Right...” Qrow was deep into his fourth shot of the night and wasn't showing any signs of slowing down. The background noises of the other people in the joint had already begun to sound distant and muffled to him. “I'll take another round, Zorro-”
“-And leave the bottle. I'm expecting company.” The Huntsman said, sighing heavily.
“A hot date?” The blond bartender guessed, pulling out a new bottle of whiskey from his shelves and slid it over to Qrow.

20. :iconimmaturegirl: submitted A

Mature Content

For Myself + Speedpaint by ImmatureGirl

21. :icondrhicks76: submitted A Permanently Broken! by drhicks76
22. :iconkagatermie: submitted A Rwby Art Challenge Day 12 by Kagatermie
23. :iconsakohju: submitted A Bad Luck Charm by sakohju, and B Behind the Mirror by sakohju
24. :iconanjyil: submitted A Separate Ways by anjyil, and B Life Is Mine by anjyil
25: :iconjayemel: submitted A Forlorn Chapter 8 - Beneath the SurfaceSo, this is not the full chapter. It is merely the second half of it -- I am submitting it to the main RWBY group's first challenge contest, which requires for something -- anything, as long as it is something -- to be broken. Chapter 1 of Forlorn won second place in the 2015 Summer Contest, so I'm aiming for first place this time! I hope you like this excerpt! 
Everything is not okay. It never was.
They'd learned to move on, of course, and live happily despite Summer's absence, but even that was a lie. Taiyang had never recovered entirely. Ruby still spoke to her mom's gravestone. Their uncle Qrow was constantly drunk. Yang…
Well, Yang had been told, shortly after the news of her death, that Summer hadn't even been her biological mother. Fancy that. Yang had wasted years of her life searching for the woman who had given birth to her, seeking answers and closure that she thought wou

26. :iconregalart1: submitted A The Shattered Team by RegalArt1
27. :iconrainshadowartist: submitted A Cookie Solution by RainshadowArtist

Voting will close on the 24th of June, 2017!

Edit: given the feedback, I've pushed the deadline from the 12th to the 19th. Buckle down and get 'er done, folks!

Summer Contest 2017: The Challenge System!

Greetings, all!

It is with great pride that I announce the official start of the RWBY Summer Contest for 2017! Honest, hard-working artists are invited to throw their hats/fedoras into the ring and compete for guts, glory, and the like! Here's the catch: we aren't going to make summer a mandatory theme in this one. Heck, it can be winter if you so desire. What's the theme? What's the challenge? What's the core idea that ties all of the entries together?

Here's your artistic challenge: Something is broken.

Interpret that in whatever fashion suits you. Whatever you draw, make, cosplay, write, etc., something in it must be broken. You could make that a tragic thing, or a funny thing, or a mysterious thing, or an inspirational thing, or whatever! I see a lot of options in this open-ended challenge, and I hope you do as well!

Rules: You can submit as many entries as you want, but they can only have canon characters from RWBY. The story/cosplay/drawing/painting/etc. must provoke a sense that something/someone is broken in some way.

Deadlines: The contest will end on June 19, 11:59 PM! Voting will begin on June 9, 2017! Voting will then end on June 16, 2017, and that will give me the weekend to announce the winners!

Voting: You can vote for your own entry! Everyone gets five votes. You'll give 5 points for a first place vote, 4 points for a second place vote, 3 for third, 2 for fourth, and 1 for fifth place. The top 3 to 5 winners win first to fifth place. The number of places will be decided based on how many submissions we get.

Prizes: If you would like to offer a prize, please PM the group and tell us what you'd be willing to do! Free art, stories, point donations, coupons to brothels, we're not picky. You can offer a prize and participate in the contest, too! The worst case scenario is that you'll win your own prize, which, hey! Congrats! You can draw whatever you want! If you offer a prize, but then decide to withdraw your offer before the deadline, that's okay. Just try to not do that, thanks!

If you have any questions, feel free to post a comment, PM the group, PM the admins, or PM me! If you're not sure if your idea for a submission isn't "broken" enough, feel free to PM me with a sales pitch. I'll be happy to tell you if it sounds "broken" enough.

Prize List:

1. anjyil will draw a half-portrait of one OC or canon character in the style of their choosing. This prize is for first and second place.

2. Sanae94 will draw up to five characters with a background, all in one piece. Canon character or OC is fine. This prize is for first place only.

3. m4hChE3zBuR9Erz (it must take you forever to log in!) will draw a bust of any canon or OC character, with a transparent background. This prize is for the top three winners.

4. amxrphus will draw a full body shot for first, second, and third place; and a waist-up shot for fourth and fifth place!

5. AcelesW will paint any human character for first place!

6. Traveler-san will paint a card of any canon RWBY character for first and second place!

7. FlamingArsonist will use his 3D modeling skills to build a weapon for all five winners! It can be a canon or OC weapon, and winners can have as many pictures from as many angles as they want.

8. MetalPorSiempre will feature all three to five winners in their own group, which has 1,600 members! A nice bonus promotional run!
Greetings, all!

We saw a lot of cool art this month, but there's just so much! How can we decide what to show off and what to leave behind? Well, we always make sure to pick our fetishes the ones that stood out to us, of course! Let's dive into it!

Dd 4-11-17 Blake + Gambol Shroud by Awkward-Hermit by :iconawkward-hermit:
"Awkward-Hermit came out of her shell and made this amazing piece! Plus, I'm a sucker for a well-drawn weapon, and AH does a fun background by hand to boot! What's not to adore about this?! Fun stuff, AH!"-knives4cash

I know more than you think by AmeliaGrimmie by :iconameliagrimmie:
"I love this because it shows us a side of Ruby that I just know is there, but is never shown to us.  That secret side she hides behind childish behavior and smiles."-anjyil

mah boys by NaitouRSE by :iconnaitourse:
"These bust drawings of Team SSSN are really handsome and seem really well in-character. The art style is nice, too -- nothing too flowery, but despite being cartoonish, each guy looks different in the face and that's commendable. Good job!."-jayemel

BlakexYang by moggies-ARTZ by :iconmoggies-artz:
"Sometimes you just have to stand up for what you believe in. This isn't domestic abuse at all. This is fine."-knives4cash

Bleu by Dornenkranz by :icondornenkranz:
"This is such a breathtaking image of Weiss, something pure and mystical.  I love the blue and shading."-anjyil

CM: Blake by KooRiiko by :iconkooriiko:
"Although this is a commission, I really like the shading and the outfit Blake is wearing here. Everything seems appropriate to her character, and even the image conveys a form of tension. The face and proportions are well done and I just generally like the drawing. ^-^."-jayemel

Happy Reunion by LilNib by :iconlilnib:
"This is a great group photo, and I adore LilNib's unique art style! I think it works superbly with the RWBY art style. You do faces really well, Nib!"-knives4cash

Rb by KylinFZSX by :iconkylinfzsx:
"We seriously need more Raven fanart, especially like this.  Simply beautiful flow and deep coloring."-anjyil

Lie Ren by ADSouto by :iconadsouto:
"I know the artist drew the rest of JNPR and also RWBY, but I kind of have a preference for this image of Ren. It's a really great pose and the attention to detail is amazing. It brings Ren's new outfit to life and I'm impressed. Check out this artist's other drawings, too!"-jayemel

Lancaster I Guess by SSGJD7 by :iconssgjd7:
"I'm a sucker for landscapes, and I really like the faces in this one. It's not just romantic, but there seems to be a wince of pain, like they're remembering how it all came to be. Overall, this is fantastic work, SS!"-knives4cash

[RWBY] Weiss x Ruby dress by HoneyPanty by :iconhoneypanty:
"I really don't ship anything that isn't officially canon, but this is such a well done piece.  The simple shading and sketchy feel really bring this piece out."-anjyil

Ruby Rose - Crescent BATTLEAXE Rose by LobbyRinth by :iconlobbyrinth:
"I think what attracts my attention the most about this image is the weapon. Like, it resembles Crescent Rose but it's also an axe, and it honestly looks super cool. I could almost imagine Crescent Rose could have this as a third form. It's not bad at all."-jayemel

And there we go, folks! One full shout out on time! I know, I'm just as surprised as you are! Just remember, if you ever make or find some amazing talent, be sure to SHARE IT WITH YOUR COMRADES.

Mature Content

Rosef Stalin the Red by Lightning-in-my-Hand
by :iconlightning-in-my-hand:

We'll see you next month!
Greetings, all!

We had a lot of great art this month, but the journal would be way too long if we had everyone in it, so we've done our best to condense it into a digestible magazine with all sorts of crap like "You need to lose weight!" and "Look at this pregnant person!"

Here we go!

Meme: Before And After. (RWBY) by FlamingArtsDraws by :iconflamingartsdraws:
"It's so great to see amazing artists progress with their craft, and this is no exception, only exceptional work! I can't wait to see what 2018 has in store for you, FAD!" -knives4cash

Blake Belladonna by Jeddy017-VZ by :iconjeddy017-vz:
"Intense shadowing for a shady gal. Not much more to say." -knives4cash

RWBY by Yaoi-senpaiMUSTACHO by :iconyaoi-senpaimustacho:
"If I had money to spare, I would invest some of it into a badass phone case like this. Fantastic work, yaoi senpai mustacho! XD" -knives4cash

Sinche battle pose by The1stDarkLight by :iconthe1stdarklight:
"I was floored by the dynamic pose and motion in this piece.  Simply brilliant." -anjyil

RubyXWeiss1 by Himawar1 by :iconhimawar1:
"I recommend the whole comic. It's not that long, the poses are amazing, the coloring is great, this is all done so nicely! Comics take dedication and a lot more planning than one-shot pieces, and I appreciate the effort himawar1 put into this!" -knives4cash

RWBY oc by QueenBabyDollAries by :iconqueenbabydollaries:
"Drawing young children is a skill in and of itself.  This beautiful OC lineart really captures the innocent silliness of a young girl. Love it!" -anjyil

Blake Belladonna by kmkibble75 by :iconkmkibble75:
"We don't see a whole lot of attempts at realism with such an anime-esque show. Kibble's style works nicely with the RWBY cast's designs! Great work, kibble!" -knives4cash

The lonliest of all... by Tilwe by :icontilwe:
"I really feel like they captured the isolation and wistfulness of Weiss.  The soft colors look beautiful, and the swords in the snowflake seem to hint at the knight." -anjyil

i may not be perfect but im still better than u by nyanseii by :iconnyanseii:
"You heard the lady, folks." -knives4cash

Weiss Schnee (RWBY) by AHAKuo by :iconahakuo:
"I really like the realism and sketchiness combined together in this one." -anjyil

Kung Fu Ironwood by rainbow-zebra23 by :iconrainbow-zebra23:
"This is a pretty accurate representation of the character, and I hope to see more of this in the show." -knives4cash

Apocolypse Au by FoxyMirage by :iconfoxymirage:
"It's always fun to see interesting settings, besides coffee shops, with the RWBY cast! I like that Weiss' eye can't catch a break, and that Yang's still making puns, even though the world appears to be falling down around them!" -knives4cash

Cross your Heart (ANIMATED) by ari-6 by :iconari-6:
"It sticks with me." -knives4cash

Congratulations to all of the amazing talent, even though this month is short on critics, I'm afraid. I hope that my yammering on has helped showcase some people's talents! Next month, we're doing this on time, whether or not people are ready.

Get ready for a contest! We're going to try a challenge one, instead of a season one! Sharpen your tablet pens (plz don't, they're expensive), and get ready to draw something that can be interpreted in a multitude of fashions!

It will be announced between May the 10th and the 15th, after my finals and some sleep coma time.

We'll see you for the May Shout Out on June 1st, folks!

This is disgusting. It's one thing for one, lone art thief to violate an artist's consent and take their property. It's another thing for a RWBY group admin to allow that thief to promote their work in the RWBY group.

But, this is on a completely different level. This site is taking everyone's art and converting it into merchandise without getting the artist's consent or without giving them ANY cut of the profits. At least with the thieves and admins, they only get their credibility destroyed; but, this is a horrible outcome of "free market" gone too far.

Here's :iconsakimichan:'s work:… Pyrrha .take my hand. by sakimichan

Here's :iconrustyartist: work:… Ruby VS Cinder by RustyArtist

:icondemonluna:… Team RWBY Poster by DemonLuna

This one is ESPECIALLY revolting.…
RWBY : thank you Monty Oum by Astruma by :iconastruma:

If you are an afflicted artist, here is their email:

It's clear to me that these people are scum. Unfortunately, this is where things get expensive. After researching these incidents, it appears that the afflicted artist can demand a cut of the profits and or that the site pulls their products off of the rack. That costs nothing but your time and patience, but the results aren't guaranteed.

The next cheapest solution for the afflicted artist is to hire a lawyer to write and deliver an official "Cease and Desist" letter. Again, going off of hasty google research, prices range from one to a couple of hundred dollars. Again, might not comply and think that it's a bluff, knowing the artist probably isn't made of money.

The final solution is to hire a lawyer to sue and go to court over this. This is really bad for the artist.

According to… you'll have to pay several hundred dollars per HOUR for a lawyer's time over this. A big trademark case can cost 20,000 USD, and victory is not guaranteed.

If the stolen art has been altered at all (like converting it from a jpeg file to a T-shirt) then might be able to successfully argue that they've edited the stolen property to the point that fair use laws allow them to own the edited work. is a potential resource here. You can make a reddit account, post your case to that subreddit, and get some feedback from people who have actual experience in the field of law and of the courthouse.

What can a regular content consumer do about this? Don't support the site and keep an eye out for artists that they recognize and notify the afflicted artist.

I'm so sorry that we can't be of any greater help. This group is a technocracy, but not for legal matters. If anyone has any questions, we can try to answer to the best of our abilities, but don't be surprised if we say, "We're not lawyers. We don't know. Here's what we found on google."

If afflicted artists feel that can help in any way, they are encouraged to reach out to us. We'll do our best to help you, the people.

I thank :iconcarcarchu: for bringing this to my attention, and my heart goes out to all of these artists who only wanted to show their brilliance to the world.

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